Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Of Blogs and Google Docs

This is my first post from Google Docs. I've been searching for a decent blog editor for years and have not been able to find anything I really like. Most of the problem stems from the fact that the pickings are pretty slim if you are a GNU/Linux user. But things may be turning around. While surfing doggdot this morning I came across this link. It lists five blog editors for GNU/Linux with Google Docs being the fifth. So I thought I would take it out for a spin and this entry is the test drive.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

QOTD, 8 Nov 2007

As the amount of RAM installed in systems grows, it would seem that memory pressure should reduce, but, much like salaries or hard disk space, usage grows to fill (or overflow) the available capacity.

----Jake Edge November 7, 2007

Google, I'm Still in Love

God I love Google!

I've been trying to get to the Gentoo wiki since last night. But the forces that be have conspired against me. The evil Internet gremlins doth deny me [and everybody else, for that matter] access. 'Tis hopeless it seems. Or, it would have been hopeless if not for Google. I just searched for "gentoo wiki paludis", and Google has the Gentoo wiki page cached. Friggin' brilliant. Now I know this feature has been around forever but I just wanted to remind you that Google popularized it. If Google hadn't come along and shook up search, down to it's core, I would remain at the mercy of the evil gremlins.