Thursday, July 28, 2011

Warped Logic & the Open Web

I really want to shout loudly about what's the most annoying thing to me in Google Chrome that Firefox gets right but won't cause they might fix it then Firefox would [currently] have no usability advantage over Chrome and I want openness/Firefox to win. BTW, winning doesn't mean, let there be one ring to rule them all. Winning does not mean domination by a single corporate interest over the browser and thus access to the web. This must NEVER happen again (I'm talking to you Microsoft/IE6). There MUST always be an open and free (as in speech) kick-ass alternative or two available. The "kick-ass" bit is really important because people behave more pragmatically than idealistically and if the free (as in speech) & open offering(s) is/are not compelling freedom dies and bondage resumes.