Monday, May 16, 2011

Liar! A.K.A This one is for my PGEast 2011 peeps

If you attended PGEast 2011 then you know that a certain company had tons of coffee mugs everywhere. They couldn't give them away even though they were giving them away. It got so bad that the conference organizer thought that maybe the attendees didn't realize that the mugs where for them to take so he made an announcement that the mugs were for us to take.

So let's recap. PGEast 2011 almost 2 months ago & ungodly number of unwanted coffee mugs from NoSQL vendor who will not be named.

So today I start reading this blog post. Then I get to the 15th paragraph and PGEast comes crashing back because I know EXACTLY who he is calling out!

I just loved the way the author called them out w/o naming them, yet absolutely naming them.

Finally, I strongly encourage you not to skip ahead to the 15th paragraph because you need the first 14 to get the full effect of the none name dropping of names in 15.