Sunday, September 03, 2006

A Developer's Journal; Solaris 10 #2

After 2 "Try and Buy" applications Sun Microsystems has finally shipped my T1. The thought of getting my hands on it gets my geek johnson tingling. You may be wondering "why just a tingle?" Well, when I first read about CMT coming to a server near me my geek johnson pitched a tent with enough head room for Yao Ming to enter without bending his head. But the truth of the matter is I am a cynic to the core. Vendors are notorious for contorting the truth and calling it marketing.  They all claim their product is the greatest thing since Internet porn which is obviously a lie. THERE IS NO THING BETTER THAN INTERNET PORN! There. I said it. Go tell your friends. I'll wait for you in the next paragraph....

So I'll read the technical specs and the research and whitepapers on a technology/product but I don't drink the marketing Kool-Aid. So until I get my hands on the box and start playing with it you'll only get a tingle out of me.

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