Saturday, September 09, 2006

A Developer's Journal; Solaris/CMT #5

I am feeling disingenuous about my "A Developer's Journal; Solaris 10 ..." title because I've made 5 entries so far and have said very little about Solaris 10. The truth of the matter is Solaris is the means and not the end. Let me explain. I have absolutely no interest in Solaris as an end to itself at this point because of Linux. And though Sun has made awesome progress with Solaris on x86 it still has a way to go before it is as seamless as Solaris on Sparc. So my key interest in Solaris is strictly with Solaris on Sparc in general and Solaris on Niagara processors specifically. Therefore all entries, starting with this one, will be titled "A Developer's Journal; Solaris/CMT ...". My apologies to any readers who have arrived here under the assumption that these are strictly Solaris 10 entries.

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